Wednesday, November 16, 2011


don't go
please stay
one day
it will get better.

don't speak
just wait
one day
it will get better.

you love me
then you don't
maybe I should have
loved you better.

you gave your heart
I hurt you more
but you couldn't have
hurt me better.

and now I'm standing here
one reach away
and your touch would feel
much better.

but a girl
will only leave you
as much as
you will let her.

now she will be standing
where I stood
and he'll be in
your place.

and I wonder
once our crossways meet
will we remember
that day..

My Love.

It takes time...
more than we have
more than I gave you
more than we will ever know
the healing.

It took more from you...
more than you could stand
more than you wanted to accept
more than what we thought was enough
our love.

It takes more than sorries
It takes more than tears
More than overs start
Cause start overs couldn't do it..

It'll take less of your pride
and more of your blame
to understand what brought us to this..

But I'll love you right now
One more second..
Another minute.
Right here..
from where I stand.

It'll take more lessons
Some more falls..
but I can't catch you
only you can...
my love.


I loved you..
more than I
knew I should.

I loved you..
more than I
knew I could.

I love you..
like I knew I would.
And it's amazing..
so amazing.

Our souls were so young
but our love was timeless..
How I could catch his gaze
and feel his heart beat...
in mines.

How one kiss from his lips..
could seal all the cracks in my world.
The innocent smile on my face
when he called me "his girl".
Laying in his arms
like an angel in his wings.

One of those days
we let love fly away
But no matter what we call it..
we can't call us a mistake.

How many times are you going to feel it the way we felt it?
I handed you my heart and I'm so glad that you kept it..
Just take your faith and your fate and place it back in me.
And God will take carry us both back where we need to be.

I love you.

Monday, October 31, 2011


I feel the weight of how you tried..
you tried too late.

And no one else can do it but you..
the ability to make the need
of you completing me
a feeling so pure.

Now all I see are strokes of red,
and it's digging inside of me
this waking dream
just follows my lead..

It's the nicest thing..
the way we had it so good
this premature love
that we just forget.
Let's just forget..

the silent cries
that changed our lives..
the laughs
the smile
when we first met..
the way we lay
don't let me go
my heart
the break
you changed
no names...
Let's just forget.

Friday, July 29, 2011


How you can stare me in the eyes and still not see, amazes me. How you can trace my face with every fingertip and still not feel, keeps me scared. I climb, I slip, and then I fall to find it was you who cut the rope . I lay beside you. Your soul so cold. Yet, you still breathe helplessly. I turn around. Reach for your hand, as you push it away. There has to be a way to get you here, somehow. But I'm still alone, even when you're near. Wandering and wondering how close comes my fears. I tried too much. I loved too fast. I hurt too soon. don't take it back. Don't I dare. It's up to me to find out... just what it takes. I'm looking down can you see it. I'm screaming loud can you hear it. I can leave you, but I won't. Save you, let me save it. This little girl with undying hope for this stand still love. And i yearn for tomorrow. But hoping for today....and still i wait.


I've never been so full, yet so empty. So many things I don't confide. Breathing for each second. Hoping to make it each day. Your absence tugs my soul. Lost for words, this misdirection. All these people have gotten too close. Each one holds their own knife. And some way, some how each cut feels differently. This one makes me chase the risk. I like feeling its pain. That one scarred me good, and I keep wishing it away.

You're one person with many faces. So deceitful to us so willing. Under your spell. Here I go. Losing more with every trick. And now there's mirrors everywhere. I can't help but to see me now. All the things left hidden, all the things you took from me, all that I have given. And still you hold out your empty hands as if to draw me near. But if all prayers go to heaven, it'll all just disappear

Monday, June 13, 2011

Alicia Keys-Goodbye With lyrics

All Back

He broke my heart. Not just some of it, but the whole thing. It's scattered right here on the floor and he still hadn't the nerve to pick it back up. He betrayed me. Not just a little bit, but in every possible way. Leading me to believe I would never have to say goodbye. And here we are...and there he goes. He hurts me. Not just one time, but every time. This pain doesn't sit still. It circulates with the blood in my veins. It creeps in with every breath. he wants me to stop breathing. he WAS my heart. He's the one who mended it...who made it feel a tad less fragile. He let his love explore me. Not just that night, but every night. It touched me from outside in. Out. And then in again. It took a piece of me each time. Giving him a little more power and me a little less control. He took it all. Yes, all that I gave him. I never asked for any of it back. And now I want it. I want it all!!!!! Give it to me. It's no longer yours. I'm standing here at my weakest, cause you have my strength. My cries are at there worst, cause you were my best. I'm stuck here in this emotional bind that you put me in. And I let you. I'm pulling in the rope, and throwing it back. It gets shorter every time, and I just find more ways to help you climb. But its mines. All mines. My fault for being so naive. For getting used to the you that you were. For thinking love would be enough. For loving you. For hating you. For letting those feelings be the same. He kills me. I'm dead. Just how he found me. Just how he left me...and again, it's one in the same.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Words of the Day

"I'm not quite sure what life has in store for me...I'm not quite sure I want it planned."

Adele - Turning Tables

Falling Over Myself

This love has watered down my endurance. Bits of it now makes me weak. It amazes me, this up and these downs and how we often fall to far in between. We're high waters. And once again I have not come prepared. You once were my life vest and now you are the boulder that sinks me. My skin's not tough enough. My mind is just strained. I love you then I hate you and now the feelings are one in the same. But you touch me, like you always did. And the fight begins again. Your armor is on and as is mines for this war I've seemed to create on my own. On my own. This battle is merely a product of your ability to unconcern yourself with all things that make and all the things we could be if only...but it's not. This love has lost it's worth, yet we keep fighting. A meaningless war, and I keep hiding. Maybe next will find me.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Parachute - Be Here

A little longer...

Any day. Any day could be the day. Be the day that you're no longer by my side. The last glimpse of you're smile. The last match of our lips. The last whisper of our love. And everyone sees it. They feel it, the way I look at you as if together we could never lose. I can say that I don't love you, but my heart knows better. I can pretend that I don't miss your touch when you're gone, but pretending only gets me so far. So far as to missing y
ou once again. I just wanna feel I know you're still here with me. This feeling has been felt before. How 'perfect' seems so worth it turned worthless as I watched him let go. But you, you're still hanging on. But tell me. Tell me how long it'll be before the rope wears out, or you lose your grip, or our perfect that seems so worth it turns worthless and I watch you let go. Don't go. It's, not the feeling of being lonely...but the feeling of limitedly loving you. And nothing lasts forever. So let's last a little longer. A little longer..A little longer. Hang on...a little longer.

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Eve of Me

All over. Your love resuscitates me. Because presently all of the "them" that were left in me... just died. And the mirror they held, showed me all my by one, in clear detail. But what you've shown me is that there's something deeper. Something way more rich and way more worthy. Something worth cherishing if only you were capable of seeing it. What you see is not the person I allowed them to make me, but the person that is screaming out that " I am STILL here!!!" I am still capable of loving you. I am still able to smile. My shoulder is still yours to lean on. There's no exchanges or returns for my heart. It's yours. So keep it. and I'm keeping every piece. Every piece of glass from the mirror they held. The mirror that reflected my blindness. All the possibilities of me that I could not see. But now I see everything that you have always seen...the beautiful person I had already been, and the better me you knew I could be. Thanks for waiting...watching...and helping me blossom. I'm growing. Still growing. I'm loving...I love you!