Friday, February 11, 2011

The Eve of Me

All over. Your love resuscitates me. Because presently all of the "them" that were left in me... just died. And the mirror they held, showed me all my by one, in clear detail. But what you've shown me is that there's something deeper. Something way more rich and way more worthy. Something worth cherishing if only you were capable of seeing it. What you see is not the person I allowed them to make me, but the person that is screaming out that " I am STILL here!!!" I am still capable of loving you. I am still able to smile. My shoulder is still yours to lean on. There's no exchanges or returns for my heart. It's yours. So keep it. and I'm keeping every piece. Every piece of glass from the mirror they held. The mirror that reflected my blindness. All the possibilities of me that I could not see. But now I see everything that you have always seen...the beautiful person I had already been, and the better me you knew I could be. Thanks for waiting...watching...and helping me blossom. I'm growing. Still growing. I'm loving...I love you!