Tuesday, September 21, 2010


To know that every night that you close your eyes, I am the image that is left imprinted in your mind...drives me insane. To know that you loved me past my confused mind, selfish ways, and deceiving smile...hurts me. To know that that every time our eyes meet, all you will see is my unspoken lies...kills me inside. And to know that as you lay in bed alone, caressing the creases where I once laid, longing for the love that we used to give, realizing that you're the only one who is still giving it, ready for me to return my heart where it belongs..with you, remembering that ii was once only a phone call away, wondering if I am feeling the same, not knowing that if you only knew...that my heart chooses you, BUT it chose him too...and now its his arms, where I rest my head, and NOW its his lips that I keep warm instead.... just tears me apart. Torn but I deserve it. Every ounce of guilt, every tear I shed, all the hurt in my heart, and even that's not enough. Cause what you give me, is an unbearable love. A love that leaves no room for error, or pain. The way you love me ,flaws and all, leaves me questioning whether I even deserve you. My angel in disguise. My life. My Love. My everything.And for e v e r y t h i n g....I am sorry.

This is dedicated to you...my number 1. ♥