Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Better Than Me

How do you love a body with no soul. A face with no name. A heart with no beat. This mind with no map...love it all, just like you did. How you did it so discretely, with no warning or cause. Slithering your way into a place that was guarded so well. You timed the way you were going to do it and you did it...just as you planned. But this is something we never planned. How simple it was for you to seep through all these spaces I left open. The way you re-drew the lines that had already been crossed. All the while, these lines turned into circles that seem to always follow me. The same me that you need. The me that I would offer if it were still there. But fading memories and broken promises is all that's left. And I'd give it all, if thats what you wanted. But what you wanted...the same things that you want...the same things that I'm dying to fulfill, and I feel it. See, I've never been in happiness, but I've been in love. I can show you how one can be without the other. But that's not what you wanna see. You can't see it from me. But it's shown...even through your blindest eyes. He took what I gave him, and he gave it away. She got what I worked for, and all that I ever wanted. Yet, you're asking me to find it, somewhere...somehow and give it to you. But I'm finding these things deep down that I already knew. Love doesn't last. I'm ready to let you leave...cause for this one time only, save yourself from me. All I want is something to hold onto. Something that's a little more guaranteed. The way you love me yields no direction. I ought to give you what you deserve...but the me that you seek is still incomplete, forgive me. I'm sorry.