Wednesday, November 16, 2011


don't go
please stay
one day
it will get better.

don't speak
just wait
one day
it will get better.

you love me
then you don't
maybe I should have
loved you better.

you gave your heart
I hurt you more
but you couldn't have
hurt me better.

and now I'm standing here
one reach away
and your touch would feel
much better.

but a girl
will only leave you
as much as
you will let her.

now she will be standing
where I stood
and he'll be in
your place.

and I wonder
once our crossways meet
will we remember
that day..

My Love.

It takes time...
more than we have
more than I gave you
more than we will ever know
the healing.

It took more from you...
more than you could stand
more than you wanted to accept
more than what we thought was enough
our love.

It takes more than sorries
It takes more than tears
More than overs start
Cause start overs couldn't do it..

It'll take less of your pride
and more of your blame
to understand what brought us to this..

But I'll love you right now
One more second..
Another minute.
Right here..
from where I stand.

It'll take more lessons
Some more falls..
but I can't catch you
only you can...
my love.


I loved you..
more than I
knew I should.

I loved you..
more than I
knew I could.

I love you..
like I knew I would.
And it's amazing..
so amazing.

Our souls were so young
but our love was timeless..
How I could catch his gaze
and feel his heart beat...
in mines.

How one kiss from his lips..
could seal all the cracks in my world.
The innocent smile on my face
when he called me "his girl".
Laying in his arms
like an angel in his wings.

One of those days
we let love fly away
But no matter what we call it..
we can't call us a mistake.

How many times are you going to feel it the way we felt it?
I handed you my heart and I'm so glad that you kept it..
Just take your faith and your fate and place it back in me.
And God will take carry us both back where we need to be.

I love you.