Monday, June 13, 2011

Alicia Keys-Goodbye With lyrics

All Back

He broke my heart. Not just some of it, but the whole thing. It's scattered right here on the floor and he still hadn't the nerve to pick it back up. He betrayed me. Not just a little bit, but in every possible way. Leading me to believe I would never have to say goodbye. And here we are...and there he goes. He hurts me. Not just one time, but every time. This pain doesn't sit still. It circulates with the blood in my veins. It creeps in with every breath. he wants me to stop breathing. he WAS my heart. He's the one who mended it...who made it feel a tad less fragile. He let his love explore me. Not just that night, but every night. It touched me from outside in. Out. And then in again. It took a piece of me each time. Giving him a little more power and me a little less control. He took it all. Yes, all that I gave him. I never asked for any of it back. And now I want it. I want it all!!!!! Give it to me. It's no longer yours. I'm standing here at my weakest, cause you have my strength. My cries are at there worst, cause you were my best. I'm stuck here in this emotional bind that you put me in. And I let you. I'm pulling in the rope, and throwing it back. It gets shorter every time, and I just find more ways to help you climb. But its mines. All mines. My fault for being so naive. For getting used to the you that you were. For thinking love would be enough. For loving you. For hating you. For letting those feelings be the same. He kills me. I'm dead. Just how he found me. Just how he left me...and again, it's one in the same.