Sunday, September 26, 2010

This Time.

I don't need you to to love me...but I want you to. I don't need you to care...but do you? Ya see, I'm crying out to you, but you don't hear me. I'm tossing my heart into your hands, and you let it fall. I'm staring love into your eyes, but you don't see me. And why should you? Now that the tables have turned, flipped over, and tumbled a bit..I want you. But when you wanted to be "the one", I didn't let you. When you wanted to be my reasons to smile, I didn't smile back. When you wanted to give me the world, I broke yours to pieces. You put your heart on the line and I sat their and watched it dangle. Treating you as if you were always going to be there, but your not. It's not that I wasn't ready, cause I was born to love. Its just that you loved me sooo much and it was a scary, unfamiliar type feeling. And because I didn't know how to love you, I let you go instead. Pushed you away, and made you feel as if it was YOU that was wrong. yet, you did wrong soo perfectly. I tried to erase you, replace you, be with someone just like you...but it was always you. You. Now you hold hands with someone new. You make her smile, like ii was suppose to. And all I want is to run to you and tell you that I made a mistake. But the mistake your making is even bigger than that. The one you need, the one you love, the one...lies in me. One more chance...One more love. Say yes...this time.