Sunday, September 5, 2010

Silya Says:

"You have to live for s o m e o n e...even if it's not yourself."


Nothing about me is perfect. Everything about me is perfect for you. our hearts are in sync even with miles resting between us. I feel you with out touch. I love you without warning. I breathe out of hope that you will allow me to love you for the rest of our lives. because my life wouldn't be worth anything if ii had to breathe without you, or love him...who's not you. you don't have to tell me to love you, because ii do it unintentionally...without cause or notice. I can't stomach who ii would be if you never had crossed my path, even though it was only for a moment of memories. No one has saw through this girl who is so broken, yet still offers to love all her pieces. No one had saw this diamond when she was coal, until you. It's as if ii am you, just in another form because you taught me how love is supposed to feel. and that's to feel it for myself, first. Now, ii live..ii laugh..ii love..ii breathe...ii thank you. ♥