Friday, March 18, 2011

Parachute - Be Here

A little longer...

Any day. Any day could be the day. Be the day that you're no longer by my side. The last glimpse of you're smile. The last match of our lips. The last whisper of our love. And everyone sees it. They feel it, the way I look at you as if together we could never lose. I can say that I don't love you, but my heart knows better. I can pretend that I don't miss your touch when you're gone, but pretending only gets me so far. So far as to missing y
ou once again. I just wanna feel I know you're still here with me. This feeling has been felt before. How 'perfect' seems so worth it turned worthless as I watched him let go. But you, you're still hanging on. But tell me. Tell me how long it'll be before the rope wears out, or you lose your grip, or our perfect that seems so worth it turns worthless and I watch you let go. Don't go. It's, not the feeling of being lonely...but the feeling of limitedly loving you. And nothing lasts forever. So let's last a little longer. A little longer..A little longer. Hang on...a little longer.