Saturday, September 4, 2010

Good Morning

Wake me up from this night mare. Because the nights are always the worst. Nights are when its coldest. Nights are when everything from your day recollects in your mind. I want so much to wake up from this scare, but this is the closest ii can ever be to you. My night mare, began when I first met you. My heart did something it had never done before. It stopped. Before I could regain my breath, ii was already falling in love. Our nights...our days, made me feel impeccable. Even if it was for a second, I never wanted to be without you. Even when I wanted to give up on us, you never let me. Then things changed, all in one night. The night I watched you, in a way that I had never watched you before. Because we both knew that things would never be the same. When you've given your all to someone, your heart, your mind, your promise, your soul...its impossible to get all those pieces back when its all over. Over. Over. It's over..but it could never really be over. Because these nights keep bringing you back to me. Even in the arms of someone else, these nights still whisper your name in my ear. So ii wear ear plugs. But then these nights breeze your touch down my spine. So ii put on a sweater. And then these nights take my breath away. and my heart, stops. just like it use to when ii was with you. Soooo ii pray for good morning's cause these nights, just murdered me.


Sooo ii haven't did this in a long time...thinking about you, that is. I had finally gotten to a point where ii could roll out of bed and not dread over you not lying there. I've been actually smiling and meaning it. Open my notebook, and you'll see that ii have my days all planned out. And then my finger traces down to today and there's an empty space. Every time my time is wasting, ii waste it on memories with you. I memorize thoughts of how much easier it would be if we still loved each other like we could have, better we should have. Right now, your hand would rest in mine. My fingers slowly tracing the lines of your palm. Your palm magnetizing my touch. Enjoying each moment as if it's our last. As if there was a chance that we could last. and although ii may be last in your mind, you're still first in my heart. You meant the world to me, but the world couldn't just let us have our moments. Life wouldn't be life it things happened how we wanted them to. And as you continue with your life, trying to find love..ii want so desperately to save you seconds, and tell you exactly where to find it. I never left, even after you were leaving. F o r e v e r is in my h e a r t .