Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Quote of the Day

"The greatest loss...is the loss of losing [yourself]."

What's Love?

The question that has been taunting me for a while now is the familiar phrase...whats love got to do with it? So many of us tend to throw the f o u r letters around so casually, as if its the latest saying or trend! Where dey do dat at? Umm...EVERYWHERE!!! I feel like love can't be so easily defined...but I'm pretty sure most of us can all agree on what love is NOT.

Love isn't loving because you have to do it. You aren't obligated to love anyone...I don't care if they birthed you. Love needs to be reciprocal && from the heart.

Love isn't claiming you're loving just to get what you want. You must not kno the traumatic affect the words ' I love you' mean to most of us happilyeverafter-ers! If you don't love me don't tell me you do. Just keep it real! Cause the deceit in those words will only leave a person with a heart full of hurt&&regret && it'll leave you with a plate full of K-A-R-M-A! [smiley face]

Love isn't going to be painless. Love involves you being honest at all times. Everyone knows that the truth hurts...but when you love someone...that hurt will only sit with you temporarily. Because love won't intentionally hurt you...it'll only speak to you out of care and concern my friend.

Love isn't selfish. Its all about balance and compromise. The give and the take. The 80-20 rule! If you are giving all your love to him/her...then whose loving you? You have to love yourself FIRST...then balance out your love for your significant other. && you should never have to make someone love you or list the reasons why they SHOULD love you. Love needs NO coaxing...it'll either happen or it won't. Remember: You can only control you...you can control who YOU love...but love isn't promised to be returned back to you.

So as I finish the rest of my day...I'm keeping in mind my question: What's love got to do with it? My answer...is everything.

Mood: Loving!