Wednesday, July 28, 2010


head to toe. from all the depths of my soul. through the blood in my veins. from the heart in my chest... ii feel it. I feel it, but ii dare not speak it. At least not of my mouth. Sooo hard to admit it...don't want to forget it. But ii must confess it...then let

At night, ii still think about you.
I often smile to myself,
for the previous enactments we shared...
has become a part of me.
Ya see, your the other half of me
and just as ii thought that ii gave you all of me..
ii realize that there's a better part of me
just swaying and brewing..
can't let this go to waste.
Sometimes when the wind blows
it comforts me.
For that moment ii feel what it felt like..
how it felt, to lay in the arms of someone who loved me.
And when im alone
I close my eyes reaaaally tight
and hope to God that when ii open them,
you'd be asking me what the heck ii am doing.
And we'd just laugh it off
as I realize that this was all a dream.
But dreams are the only glimpses ii get of you.
I wanna get to you...
Get to you.
I gotta get to your heart.
I gotta see you happy..
and although ii wanna be the one,
the one that gives you that feeling...
if its so,
If its finally time to let you go.
I confess..
that it is something...
that ii already know.

T H E E N D.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Kem Why Would You Stay w/ Lyrics

At least he know's what hit em' :-)

A Girl Like Me

ii wish ii could say, WHATCHA SEE IS WHATCHA GET! But that would be somewhat of an understatement. Though I would say i'm like a book. and EVERY good book has a cover. On the outside i'm painted well. no need for descriptions :) but inside i'll tell you everything you want to know IF you take the time out to read me. I wouldn't say I'm complex, because I'm very easy to please. But there are different parts to me that come together to make one heck of a person.

I'm querky and smart
I play dumb, because I can..
I'm short but I dream tall,
and I can barely depend on anyone.
I trust easily and love hard,
I appreciate the downs for leading me up.
I'm funny, (so they say!)
I guess I'm a lot of people's entertainment!! :-p
I rarely think about myself..
I'll make time for that rather sooner than later.
I loove to be the reason why people smile
But ii don't smile as often as I should.
I learn something new about me everyday
without anyone else's teaching
I'm close to God, yet so far away
But it's my goal to make him proud.
Ohhh, I often slip when it rains..
but ii probably shouldn't of been dancin in it in the first place!
I value my friends,
they all add something special to my life.
I don't like to be realistic UNLESS ii have to be.
I mean who are you to limit my reality???
I DON'T love guys,
BUT ii love l o v e.
That one guy.
I'll find him soon...
I laugh a lot, uncontrollably.
Like in ALLLL the wrong places. (church, weddings, practice)
But who cares!
Life's too short to sweat the small stuff.
I'm not perfect, soo stop judging me alreaady! >_<

I've hurt people because they hurt me.
NO EXCUSES, but it happened.
The past is what it is...the PAST.
If you're not the type of person to let that be,
then you prolly wouldn't appreciate a girl like me.

♥ Blaah_Lalalala!

Ready to Fall in Love - Jermaine Paul

N O T H I N G means e v e r y th i n g.

I gave you my all...ii never asked for it back. I'm not gonna stand there and list all the things ii showed you. There's no need for post its or hidden reminders. You grew tired of asking me what you could do for me in return. A movie, money, new shoes, or all of the above? Neither. Not one. You grew tired of my painful silence. That's how you felt. The thing is, my heart was talking in just never took the time to listen.

Time. Thats the only thing I wanted, but I knew you couldn't give me. Cause if you could, you would be the first thing I'd see when I wake up, and the last image of my eyes as I laid to rest. I wouldn't have to find scattered memories of you to satisfy this lonely heart. I should be able to run to you and reach your arms, but even in your're still soo so far away. If you were capable, you would stop looking beyond me, through me, beside me...and just have patience for our premature, aging love. You would stop..and think of me. You would laugh and think of me. You wouldn't love...without me. Hands tied. Eyes closed. Legs tangled. Feet still able to love you. Thats what I gave you, and thats what I showed you. Your NOTHING meant everything to me...and ii sit here and laugh. Because for YOU, my everything meant nothing for you. But Im not bitter, upset, or sad. With all the hearts out there, I'm sure there's time to fall again.