Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Let us play a game. There's only TWO rules...ii love you and you love me back. No doubts. I wanna be sure this time around. I want to feel safe with me giving my heart to you cause every hurt..makes that harder and harder to do. I need you to accept the fact that everything you have ever wanted and everything yur mind is telling yu that yu need...is all wrapped up in ME...waiting patiently with a bow on it...seeking yu to come on in and explore the possibilities. I need for you to understand that I'm not HER...&& you will never catch me trying to be. Yes, what yu and her had was strong but her strength ran out. I know this because any strong woman would kno what to do with a strong man like you. But ii ask you to trust me...know that ii would never do anything to hurt you or that would cause me to lose you...&& ii understand you've heard those words many times before..but ii ask tht yu trust those words once more...for ii won't disappoint you. Guards down. Blissful moments of honesty...All these emotions stampeding concerns of wht our future holds..(sigh) this is how you make me feel.                                            Mood: HOPEFUL.