Saturday, December 11, 2010


Your touch still lingers on my skin.
Looking into your eyes..
I fall again...
As your fingers slowly trace my face
Finding something more beautiful
about it each day.

And then you kiss my lips,
and everything else..
I slowly forget.
Forgetting all that isn't you
knowing in my heart
no other man would do..
All the things you do
to make me smile...
are all in you,
it's all worthwhile.

The way I talk,
and the way you listen
as if it's the first time you've heard it before.
And I keep talking
and you keep listening
and you listen...and listen once more
And then I find time
to push you away
and you find time
to be back the next day...
I tell you I hate you
as you kiss my cheek
because deep down you know
exactly, what I really mean.
And now my heart
is so wrapped up in fear
but somehow..
you know just how to get near...
close enough to
touch my heart...
and give me faith
in our new start.
Then my mind takes me back
to all the ones before
and how...
it felt so right
but how
it ended so wrong.
And how...
they took my heart in pieces
and how...
the hurt just never ceases.
and now...
how things just feel the same
and how..
I can't keep up with this game.
Cause if I finally let you in,
You would have to accept
the person I've been.
and me accept
that you're not him.
But you could hurt me
just like he did.
did you expect this to be easy...
cause I know it's a lot to take in..
But before I jump TOO far...
Tell me your name again??

Thursday, December 9, 2010



Before I fell in love, I fell in love. Unnoticed. I gave you everything, without giving you anything at all. Unwillingly, I allowed you to caress my heart. You graced my life with your evanescent presence, and just like faded away. You gave me everything I never wanted, and nothing I never needed. and that was love. Bitter, yes I was. Lonely...confused, were things I felt. But I'm standing here..still standing. Not waiting, or wandering, but wondering how time could have brought me so much pain, yet so much promise. Cause what you promised, was that "everything will be alright". And I'm alright, with or without you by my side. You see the love I have for you is no longer a burst of flame, but rather a small spark in this wind. Your heart seems way more distant, moving further each day. Your voice is unrecognizable, but I like it that way...with no sound. No control. No power over what has always been mines. Our clock is broken, but I'm STILL frozen in time. and I lost you, or did I really even lose you? For I know just where to find you if I ever feel that I should. But even if I needed you, I don't think that I could because what I'm feeling today is reality in its place. This dream we had for us was nice while it lasted. You painted it though it seems like you've already moved passed it. So this is my goodbye, for you from me. No longer holding on to what was or what should be. You are doing you, and someone else will be doing me. Don't feel bad. I will always remember the day that I fell... but YOU should remember this long, farewell.

Silya Says:

"God gave us love...why is it so hard for you to give yours away?"