Friday, July 29, 2011


How you can stare me in the eyes and still not see, amazes me. How you can trace my face with every fingertip and still not feel, keeps me scared. I climb, I slip, and then I fall to find it was you who cut the rope . I lay beside you. Your soul so cold. Yet, you still breathe helplessly. I turn around. Reach for your hand, as you push it away. There has to be a way to get you here, somehow. But I'm still alone, even when you're near. Wandering and wondering how close comes my fears. I tried too much. I loved too fast. I hurt too soon. don't take it back. Don't I dare. It's up to me to find out... just what it takes. I'm looking down can you see it. I'm screaming loud can you hear it. I can leave you, but I won't. Save you, let me save it. This little girl with undying hope for this stand still love. And i yearn for tomorrow. But hoping for today....and still i wait.

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