Friday, July 29, 2011


I've never been so full, yet so empty. So many things I don't confide. Breathing for each second. Hoping to make it each day. Your absence tugs my soul. Lost for words, this misdirection. All these people have gotten too close. Each one holds their own knife. And some way, some how each cut feels differently. This one makes me chase the risk. I like feeling its pain. That one scarred me good, and I keep wishing it away.

You're one person with many faces. So deceitful to us so willing. Under your spell. Here I go. Losing more with every trick. And now there's mirrors everywhere. I can't help but to see me now. All the things left hidden, all the things you took from me, all that I have given. And still you hold out your empty hands as if to draw me near. But if all prayers go to heaven, it'll all just disappear

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